February 2022, Olite (Navarre). One of Navarre’s most renowned wineries, Bodegas Marco Real, refreshes the Homenaje label to showcase its new wines. This new image is based on the philosophy of those who adhere to the Y.O.L.O. movement, which stands for “you only live once.” This movement promotes a lifestyle that emphasises the present moment, being in the moment, and living each minute to the fullest #TuMomentoTuHomenaje. This new HOMENAJE follows the explorer spirit with which Bodegas Marco Real started last year’s campaign to reach new customers who are just starting to discover life through a glass of wine.

HOMENAJE wines are easy to drink, with a strong floral expression and freshness, essential conditions for young wines to go to market without further pretensions. HOMENAJE Rosado is one of our best-selling wines, made from 100% Garnacha grapes and awarded with a gold medal in the “Mondial Du Rosé 2021” competition. Its new label features a tattooed arm with the initials Y.O.L.O. and the expression “Hello, world”, demonstrating the company’s spirit of diversity and distinction.

The winery chose Blanco Chardonnay variety for the HOMENAJE white wine and three varieties for the HOMENAJE Roble Tinto red wine: Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Syrah. These two wines complete the portfolio of this iconic brand, which aims to “reach the customer who wants to take his homage, his pause, his moments of rest and enjoyment in great company,” as Jose Manuel Plo, CEO of Bodegas Marco Real, explains.

This winery is one of the most active in Navarre, and with its Homenaje wine, a brand with over 30 years of history, renews itself to reach a new public, with interests, cooperation, and diversity, who seek a new perspective on life in sustainability and care for the environment. All this lifestyle decalogue is found in the Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) movement, popularised by the Canadian rapper, Drake.

As for the winery team, the new image of this wine, “is a homage to individuals who live life to the fullest and with optimism, for those who live life in a healthy way, who take care of others, but, above all, for those who break away from preconceptions and take risks to enjoy every minute.”
This new HOMENAJE design collection is only for on-trade. Bodegas Marco Real has established a new image of HOMENAJE. Enjoy its essential range of food and hospitality.




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