Arehucas Rum is the undisputed leader in the Canary Island. The agreement will initially focus on expanding distribution in a few key locations of the Iberian Peninsula.
Viana, 5th November 2021 (Navarre). Grupo La Navarra (GLN), the world leader in the production of spirits and wines, has agreed to sign a regional distribution agreement with Destilerías Arehucas to expand the Arehucas Rum brand in the peninsula and strengthen its presence in the “on-trade,” a particular market in which GLN is well-established.

By integrating this well-known brand, GLN broadens its portfolio of luxury items. GLN is having a year of expansion and diversification, and this new venture completes its range of distillers’ products in 2021. This year, the Belasco family, owners of GLN, was positioned as one of the most influential family groups in the spirits and wine industries on a national scale.

For Grupo La Navarra, 2021 has been a year of brand consolidation and incorporation of new products. It aimed to work with Grupo Arehucas on the distribution of its renowned rum, which is the market leader in the Canary Islands. Both businesses have a family company culture, with consolidated main brands, in which the entire artisanal process, such as pacharán in the case of GLN, is cared for and regulated to the utmost. With Arehucas rum, GLN incorporates one of the best rums produced in Spain for distribution in the peninsula into its range of premium drinks. Arehucas Rum is much more than a rum, it is a symbol of the Canary Islands It is a characteristic of the Canary Islands, a traditional way of producing a distillate such as rum, for which the company cultivates and collects its own sugar cane each year in a meticulous artisanal procedure.

GLN aims to raise awareness of this Canary Island rum and offer it as a distillate for its usage in the on-trade.

According to José Manuel Plo, CEO of GLN, the incorporation of this rum to the GLN range “comes to consolidate our expansion plans through the strategic alliance with such an important company as Arehucas distilleries, it is an honour that Arehucas Rum has trusted our group as a partner in the peninsula.”

Carlos Iglesias, the manager of Grupo Arehucas, adds, “This alliance with GLN will help our brand to become more well-known throughout the peninsula and will be the best way to provide our Canarian rum in areas of Spain that we have previously been unable to reach. Furthermore, thanks to GLN’s great effort we will be able to increase the availability of Arehucas within the peninsula “.

GLN has long been admired for its entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit, as well as its positioning on the market of unique liquors with the aim of reaching all possible consumers with distinctive products. This year, GLN added premium products such as rum, gin, tequila, amaretto, craft beer, and muscatel to its range of pacharán, wines, champagne, vermouth, creams, and liqueurs.
GLN is one of the most remarkable spirits and wine companies in the country. It was founded in 1831 by the Belasco family under the brand Destilerías Viana, afterwards renamed Destilerías La Navarra, with which it began its first national expansion with its Pacharanes brands: Etxeko and La Navarra.


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