GLN and its winery Marco Real in Olite (Navarre) are currently developing a strategy with two lines of action. The first is to enhance the value of the Navarra Sonsierra, the location of a privileged vineyard where the winery owns 47 hectares of its own vineyards, and the second, and equally important, is to create and produce wines in Spain’s most important areas under the Marco Real label Currently, under the quality umbrella of Marco Real wines, the winery team produces wines in the Rioja Ca, Rías Baixas, Rueda, Ribera del Duero and in the Txacolí D.O de Guetaria, with intentions to expand its range of wines to additional attractive wine-growing areas. Its leitmotiv, as defined by José Manuel Plo, CEO of GLN, is “the constant pursuit of excellence both in the vineyard and in the partners with whom we select and design distinct wines in each location.” Marco Real, after nearly 30 years, has a quality seal that they aim to pass on to their new wines.


DESDE 1831

C/ Jesús Landaluce nº 3
Polígono La Alberguería
31230 Viana (Navarra)
T. +34 948 64 50 08
F. +34 948 64 51 66

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