GLN begins its most significant year with an ambitious goal of national and international brand expansion, diversification, and revitalisation through the incorporation and distribution of new top brands and a new approach to its wine range under the label of Marco Real. The Belasco family, GLN’s owner, anticipates that this will be the year of Grupo La Navarra’s national expansion to position itself as one of the most influential family groups of spirits and wines. Grupo La Navarra has always distinguished itself for its active and ambitious personality, as well as for placing diverse liquors on the market with the aim of reaching all possible consumers with unique products. With the addition of new premium brands in the categories of gin, tequila, amaretto, craft beer, and muscatel, GLN expands upon its current portfolio of pacharán, wines, champagne, vermouth, creams, and liqueurs. GLN is one of the country’s most prominent spirits and wine groups. The Belasco family began its endeavour in 1831 with the brand Destilerías Viana, afterwards renamed Destilerías La Navarra, with which it launched its first national expansion with its brands of Pacharanes: Etxeko, and La Navarra.

In 2021, GLN begins a new phase of growth and diversification with an agreement with the company ICON SPIRITS to develop specialised distribution in gourmet stores and daytime on-trade, resulting in the addition of important brands to its portfolio, such as G’vine Gin, Nº 3 London Dry Gin, and Jose Cuervo tequila, among others. Additionally, it will establish an independent brewing company and collaborate with MICA, one of the leading craft beer companies, to make its own craft beer under the brand “Experiencia Salvaje.”


DESDE 1831

C/ Jesús Landaluce nº 3
Polígono La Alberguería
31230 Viana (Navarra)
T. +34 948 64 50 08
F. +34 948 64 51 66

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